Car safety inspections

We can give you the confidence you need about your vehicles condition & safety.

All vehicle inspections require a qualified mechanic to visually check over the vehicle making sure to pay particular attention to its safety and road worthiness.

Any areas of the car that may be unsafe are checked and recorded.  

We then give you a certificate or report for your records.

Vehicle inspections are compulsory and required by law in some states.

Some people choose to have a pre-purchase inspection for peace of mind when buying a used car.

Statutory vehicle inspection rules in Australia are different in every state and have many different names.

Roadworthy, RWC’s, safety certificates, e-safety checks, pink slips and blue slips all serve the same purpose. They ensure the safety of everyone by maintaining a minimum level of road worthiness for every car on the road.

Why Do I Need To Get A Car Safety Inspections?

There are many reasons as to why you need to get car safety inspections. The main one is if you are buying or selling your car.  This is also know as a Pre Purcahse Inspection

It is always a good idea for peace of mind that the car you are buying is 100% safe for you and your family.

The other main reason for car safety inspections include:

  • Defected
  • Age of the car 
  • General Health concerns in the car

Where To From Here?

Bring in your car today to ACT Tyre Brake & Mechanical and we will give it a thorough check to put your mind at easy.

We have two locations one in Mitchell and the other in Braddon.

You can reach us on (02) 6257 6689 or via email on

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