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ACT Tyre Brake & Mechanical specialises in Brake Repairs. We have two workshops. One in Braddon near the city. The other is in the outer suburb of Mitchell. 

We can repair, replace & service your brakes. Therefore keeping you and other road users safe. This is even more important in wet weather. Come in and get your brakes checked today.

You buckle your seatbelt, start your car and hurry down the road. As you worry about being late for work. You don’t notice the red light ahead of you. You apply the brakes.

Why Are Brake Repairs Important?

There’s only one thing that will keep you safe in this scenario: your brakes.

Brakes are one of the most crucial parts of your car. Whether you have a need for speed or drive as slow as a tortoise, brakes allow you to safely navigate through busy city streets and quiet neighbourhoods. Let our ACT Tyre Brake & Mechanical team keep your vehicle operating safely with brake repairs in Canberra.

Why Get Your Brakes Checked?

If your vehicle experiences brake problems, everyone is at risk of injury: you, your passengers, passing vehicles and passers-by. Here are some tell-tale signs you should get your brakes checked:

  • Pulling – Does your vehicle pull to one side while braking? If so, your brake linings are probably wearing
    unevenly or there is foreign matter in the brake fluid.
  • Strange sounds (grinding and growling) – Do you hear loud, metallic sounds during your drive? You might have worn down your brake pads. When brake pads wear down, the disc and caliper rub together and create awful sounds.
  • Temperamental pedal – Does your pedal go down softly when you push on it? This is a bad sign. A temperamental pedal might indicate a hydraulic system problem, worn pads, an air leak or a brake fluid leak.
  • Vibrations – Does your car begin to vibrate at uneven intervals when you push on your brakes? You might have a problem. Vibrating brakes generally indicate warped rotors or misaligned wheels.

If your vehicle doesn’t have any of the problems mentioned above, you should still set up a brake consultation to ensure you stay safe behind the wheel.

Why Choose ACT Tyre Brake & Mechanical?

With over 30 years of experience as a family-run business, we know our customers’ needs. We meet those needs with fast, efficient and affordable service. Our team works together to ensure we answer your questions, address your concerns and find the best solution for you and your vehicle.

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