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Do I Need My Tyre Replaced Or Repaired?

The diagram to the left shows in more detail the best times to repair a tyre and the best times to replace a tyre. 

Most punctures are made by nail holes or cuts of some kind. If it is up to 6mm then it can be repaired by trained technicians. However, the damage needs to be confined to the tread. 

When looking at the diagram the green area is the fixable zone. The red area is the replace zone. 

A puncture repair job is a lot cheaper and far less hassle. If you suspect that you have a puncture it is best to bring it in right away. 

The longer you leave it the worse it can get and instead of a repair job, you might have to replace a tyre. 

There can be a lot of danger if left unchecked as well, your tyre could blow out while driving. Which could cause more damage to the car but possibly cause an accident. 

Puncture Repairs Canberra

What Should I Do If I Get A Puncture In My Tyre

In case of a flat tyre, you must gradually slow down and come to a standstill on one side of the road.

If you continue to drive, you might end up damaging the wheel or be responsible for a deadly accident, in case the speed is high and you lose control.

Do You Need Puncture Repairs?

If you have any concerns about your tyres or you know you have a puncture. Then please call us at either our Mitchell location or Braddon location. We have tyre experts at both locations.

We specialise in puncture repairs and new tyres and have years of experience repairing and replacing tyres.  

You can reach us at either our Mitchell or Braddon location on 0450 884 488 or via email on info@tyre-right.com

When it comes to tyres we are always running specials so please visit our specials page to learn more. We run promotions such as buy 3 get the 4th free.

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